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It can mean big changes in your life!

We all have some degree of clutter in our lives and sometimes it can even take a toll on our physical and mental well- being.  Clutter invites dust, dirt and it can even attract mold. To detail, clutter can impact the air quality of your space.The benefits of decluttering are endless.

How can I assist you in decluttering your home?

Decluttering can be an overwhelming process. It does not matter if it is a closet, your garage, a room or your entire home. A start is a start, and I would love to help you in this process. I can help you decide what to keep and how to part with items you no longer need. Garage sale, donation, disposal and/or recycling are options we can discuss. 

Having your house decluttered can give you a feeling of a new beginning.

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Ines Shans your personal assistant for staging, decluttering and downsizing



Ines was wonderful to work with! She took the time to listen to what I needed and provided different approaches to reach my goal.


There is nothing this woman can't accomplish. When Ines puts her mind to something, goals are met with exceeded expectations. She is incredibly solution oriented with a determination I have seen in no other. You want a job done, call Shanks.


RE/MAX Sooke

Almost anyone can use Ines's service, anyone needing to get organized, wanting to downsize or just getting ready to list and sell your home. It can be an overwhelming and challenging task. Having Ines there to walk you through the process makes it easier and less stressful. 

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