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Selling a property, commercial or personal residence, is a big deal and a significant financial transaction. Most sellers are looking to get the best price and sell quickly. This is where staging comes in. 

Staging your property is a strategic move.  It is a method of decorating and showcasing your property’s best assets to impress buyers and sell for the highest possible price. 

Staging your property includes:

*getting rid of clutter

*limiting and rearranging furniture to create a space that looks       larger and inviting

*highlighting the positives and detracting from potential, perceived


*creating a space that inspires potential buyers

In essence, staging allows your property to be seen as a dream come true and creates emotion. When buyers emotionally connect to a property they become motivated, which leads to offers and potential sales.

Ines Shans your personal assistant for staging, decluttering and downsizing



Ines is able to relate to your wishes and desires and carry it out to the customers expectations. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to get the project completed.


There is nothing this woman can't accomplish. When Ines puts her mind to something, goals are met with exceeded expectations. She is incredibly solution oriented with a determination I have seen in no other. You want a job done, call Shanks.


RE/MAX Sooke

Almost anyone can use Ines's service, anyone needing to get organized, wanting to downsize or just getting ready to list and sell your home. It can be an overwhelming and challenging task. Having Ines there to walk you through the process makes it easier and less stressful. 

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